SHORT STACK: Lost and Found

Illustration: A drawing of Caucasian businessman in glasses with a comb-over hairstyle, a few wisps of brown hair blowing in the wind and shaving cream on his face, is shaving with a straight razor, and wearing a grey suit with a white shirt and a loosened red tie. There is a blue and grey cloud-filled sky behind him. Photo of two Native American men wearing jeans and T-shirts standing on empty railroad tracks, a big blue sky behind them. The man on the left points into the distance as the other looks in that direction. Moody blue-grey image of a young Korean woman with long, black hair gazing forlornly into the distance; in the background, a young man sits next to her, also deep in thought.
Image of an African American girl in pigtails kneeling next to a blonde Caucasian boy who is sitting on gravel-covered ground, she is grasping his hand. The little girl is wearing denim short overalls and a pink shirt and the boy is wearing a black tank top, khaki shorts and sneakers. Illustration: A sepia-toned, softly rendered drawing of a boy bundled in winter clothes, including a hat, scarf and mittens, standing in a golden-yellow background. With eyes closed and arms outstretched, he leans backwards and his scarf blows in the wind.
In friendship, one size fits all.

Five short films explore the whimsical, comforting and transformative powers of the bonds of friendship—from a fairground odyssey and a comic book obsession to identity, loneliness and loss.
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