Solar Mamas

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  • 2012 George Foster Peabody Award
  • About the Film

    Rafea working on an assignment as a fellow student looks on.

    Rafea has never left her tiny village of tents in Jordan. Now she is traveling to India to become a solar-energy engineer, in hopes she can return and help her village to become sustainable and self-sufficient.

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  • Where Are They Now?

    Rafea smiles in front of a classroom blackboard.

    Amid Setbacks, the Solar Mamas Are Undeterred

    The stars of Solar Mamas are still searching for sunshine. Read an interview with director Mona Eldaief about what's happened to Rafea and her aunt since their solar engineering training at Bunker Roy’s Barefoot College concluded.

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  • From the Blog

    Jordanian solar engineer, Rafea, sits outside of her family's tent.

    The Making Of Solar Mamas

    We sat down with Mette Heide, producer of Solar Mamas, to talk about why she and her filmmaking team chose this story, what inspired them along the way, as well as more about the Why Poverty? series of international films.

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  • Why Poverty?

    Rafea, wearing a hijab, smiles as she holds her young son to her cheek.

    Solar Mamas is part of Why Poverty? which uses eight documentary features and 30 online short films to inspire people to think, discuss, and be part of solutions to poverty worldwide.

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  • Talkback

    Rafea, Badr, and Umm Badr at a village meeting after returning from India.

    Could a program like Barefoot College become a template for similar educational initiatives for women and girls to become change agents in their own communities?

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