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From Director Yael Klopmann:

We want to show the democratic decisions and the difficulties and to show that even with such social turmoil, the whole operation was carried out with no violence, with love, tolerance, sensitivity and with a common conclusion: When this ends we are still one nation. The story also reflects how much the state of Israel is willing to sacrifice for the peace process.

Her three favorite films:
Gone With the Wind
The Witness

Her advice for aspiring filmmakers: Follow your dream.

Her most inspirational food for making independent film:
The will to make art, create and not give in despite the difficulties—and finding subjects who will present to others new knowledge and change points of view.


Yael Klopmann

Since 1997, Yael Klopmann has worked as a photographer and television photographer in Israel. She photographed A House Divided, an American production shoot in Israel; the movies The Swartz Dynasty, Colombian Love and Walk on the Water; the TV series Criminal Reporter and the music video for the main song in the film Shelomi Stars. Klopmann has also served as director and behind-the-scenes photographer for the movies Metallic Blues, The B.B.Q. People and Sima Vaknin Witch; the reality TV show Dead End; and Play Ground, a 50-minute behind-the-scenes production for the TV series Zinzana.

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