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The Sport

Nihon Sumo Kyokai Official Grand Sumo Page
Run entirely by sumo wrestlers, the Japan Sumo Association is fighting to preserve sumo’s ancient traditions. Check out the sumo record book, read the beginner’s guide to sumo, find out about upcoming tournaments and learn about sumo culture at this comprehensive site.

This “sumo information archive” contains downloadable movies of past matches, historical sumo artwork and the banzuke, or official wrestlers’ rankings, from 1757 to 2000.

Washington Post: Photo Voyage: Sumo Wrestling
Explore the world of sumo through pictures: get a behind-the-scenes look at training, tradition, tournaments and fan adoration.

BBC: Sumo
Take a quiz to find out how much you know about sumo and check out the gallery of illustrated sumo maneuvers.

The American Sumo Association
Read about the American wrestlers who have triumphed in pro sumo, including Jesse Kuhaulua, Konishiki and Akebono.

International Sumo Federation
Watch videos of amateur sumo matches around the world and read about the ISF rules and regulations.

Saveur Magazine: “Sumo Stew”
Learn more about chanko-nabe, the traditional “sumo stew” made from meat, tofu, miso and vegetables. Get recipes to simmer your own hot pot at home.

The Wave Magazine: “Banzai Appetite”
This article on chanko-nabe includes information on sumo weight gain and body fat and insights from Manny Yarbrough, the heaviest sumo athlete in the world.

The Big Book of Sumo: History, Practice, Ritual, Fight
By Mina Hall
(Stone Bridge Press, 1997)
This user-friendly guide to sumo includes plenty of illustrations and info on sumo history, traditions, training, rankings and culture.

The Wrestlers

The first American superstar in pro sumo, Konishiki is now a popular Japanese celebrity and rapper. Download his desktop wallpaper and browse the bulletin board and photo gallery.

Akebono Tribute
View photos of Akebono, the first non-Japanese grand champion in sumo. Read about his retirement ceremony and his promotion efforts and duties as champion, and pay a visit to the stable in which he trained—led by sumo great Jesse Kuhaulua.



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