TAKING THE HEAT: The First Women Firefighters of New York City

Women Firefighters Timeline


Filmmaker Bio

Bann Roy

Director Bann Roy, a South Asian man with curly dark hair brushed forward with long sideburns; He wears a black turtleneck and smiles at the camera.

Bann Roy was born in India and moved to Los Angeles in 1993. After earning a Master’s degree in documentary production from the University of Southern California, Roy began his career as an editor for network television shows. Over the next 11 years he went on to direct the award-winning documentaries Pepino Mango Nance, For Here or To Go? and Six Weeks. Each of Roy’s films, including TAKING THE HEAT, has examined the lives of a marginalized human beings; Pepino chronicles the life of an illegal immigrant in Los Angeles, For Here or To Go? depicts the dilemmas faced by an international student in America and Six Weeks explores a rehabilitation program for at-risk youth in crime-ridden Compton.

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