The Trials of Muhammad Ali

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  • About the Film

    Ali lands a knockout blow in the ring.

    The story of the famed boxer's toughest bout of all: his battle to overturn the prison sentence he received for refusing U.S. military service. The film explores Ali's exile years when he was banned from boxing and found himself in the crosshairs of conflicts concerning race, religion, and wartime dissent.

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  • Champion Cards

    Artistic rendering of two handcuffed hands in boxing gloves breaking the chain between them

    Muhammad Ali was one of the most quotable athletes in modern memory. Share these illustrated quotes by and about the one and only Ali, as drawn by Gavin Aung Than.

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  • The Toughest Fight

    Artistic rendering of Ali facing off with a demon whose chest reads INJUSTICE.

    He may have been the World Champion in the ring but the toughest fight of boxer Muhammad Ali's life was held outside sports arena. Explore the many obstacles Ali overcame in this vivid new comic created by artist Gavin Aung Than.

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  • Inspired By the Greatest To Be Her Best

    Boxer Nargis Shaghasi

    See how Muhammad Ali continues to inspire, even today, in this short video about National Boxing Champion and US Olympic hopeful Nargis Shaghasi, a San Francisco-based, Afghan American female boxer who bridges her passion and determination for boxing and culture.

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  • Q&A With Filmmaker Bill Siegel

    Trials of Muhammad Ali filmmaker Bill Siegel

    Guest blogger Tom Roston ("DocSoup Man") interviews filmmaker Bill Siegel about his acclaimed film The Trials of Muhammad Ali, which premieres on Independent Lens April 14. Siegel reveals his experience showing the film to Ali and his wife, and how this isn't just another Ali doc.

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  • Talkback

    Photo of Nation of Islam meeting with in which a sign is visible that reads Muhammad is His Apostle

    Have you ever taken a risk by making a stand that was unpopular or divisive at the time? Who are some of your celebrity heroes? Did your perspective on Ali change over the years?

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