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The Film

Mobilus Media: TROOP 1500
Visit the filmmakers’ Web site to read a director’s statement by Ellen Spiro, order the film, view press clips and articles and to find out about other films made by the TROOP 1500 filmmaking team.

Girl Scouts Press Release: About the Mothers and Daughters of Troop 1500
Read a press release posted by the Girls Scouts of the USA, which features updates on the mothers and daughters featured in TROOP 1500.

Dr. Darlene Grant, Ph.D.
Read an “Evaluation of Enterprising Girl Scouts Beyond Bars” and other papers at the Web page for Dr. Grant, the social worker seen in TROOP 1500, who serves as an associate professor and associate dean of graduate studies at the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin.

Girl Scouts of the USA
Begun in Savannah, Georgia in 1912, Girl Scouts of the USA has seen more than 50 million young women pass through its ranks. Visit the official Web site to find out more about the organization’s past, present and future.

LEADER Magazine: Where Girls Go, Girl Scouting Follows
Read about the Girl Scouts’ outreach programs in this article which features Girl Scouts Beyond Bars and other council programs reaching out to at-risk girls.


Incarcerated Parents & Their Children

NPR: Classes Help Convicts with Parenting Skills
Listen to this December 2005 Morning Edition broadcast about classes designed to help inmates be better parents both while incarcerated and after they return to society.

ITVS: When the Bough Breaks: Filmmaker’s Journal
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of When the Bough Breaks, a documentary about three Missouri families whose children are bounced between social workers, foster parents, grandparents and visits with their moms in prison. Producer/Writer Jill Evans Petzall's journal takes a candid view at how mothering is often better from behind bars.

Child Welfare League of America: Federal Resource Center for Children of Prisoners
Get a wealth of information and read the Children of Prisoners Bill of Rights at this site for CWLA, a membership-based child welfare organization working in partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Institute of Corrections.

Legal Services for Prisoners with Children (LSPC)
LSPC advocates for the rights of prisoners and their families, with specific emphasis on women prisoners and their children. Read case studies and get background information for grandparents and relative caregivers at home. Publications include tool kits that address aspects of family law particular to incarcerated parents.

Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents (CCIP)
Find out about the CCIP, an organization which seeks to prevent intergenerational crime and incarceration through in-prison workshops, correspondence courses, therapy and support for children’s caregivers and outreach facilitators.

Family and Corrections Network
The Web site for the Family and Corrections Network, which provides information, training and technical assistance for children of prisoners, offers extensive links, online articles and research.

Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree Camping
This Christian-based prison fellowship specializes in sending prisoners’ children to summer camps across America. Staffed by volunteers and paid staff, it provides 12,000 camp scholarships per year.


The following served as information sources for several pages on this site:

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by Kathryn Watterson (Northeastern University Press, 1996)

“Scout’s Honor”
by Kinky Friedman, Texas Monthly, Aug. 2003 (free subscription)

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by Mona Mansour, Choices, Nov.-Dec. 2003

“Children of Inmates”
by Arlene F. Lee, Corrections Today, Jun. 2005

“Mommy, Why Are We in Jail?”
by Nell Bernstein, Redbook, Apr. 2001

“Mothers in Prison”
by Kelsey Kauffman, Corrections Today, Feb. 2001

“Let Us Consider the Children”
by Carolyn Engel Temin, Corrections Today, Feb. 2001

“Breaking the Chains: Camps that Mentor Children of Prisoners”
by Teresa Nicodemus, Camping Magazine, Jul.-Aug. 2004

“Parenting from Prison”
by Daphne Muse, Mothering Magazine, Fall 1994

“Parents in Prison”
by Shay Bilchik, Corrections Today, Dec. 2001

“Alabama Moves Female Prisoners Away From Children”
by Carla Thompson, Women’s E-News, Jul. 18, 2003

“Sister Elaine Unites Prison Moms with Their Kids”
by Rose Ann Palmer, National Catholic Reporter, Jan. 21, 2005


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