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The People

The people we meet in T-SHIRT TRAVELS explain how the free market and Zambia's debt to international economic powers have led to abject poverty among 80 percent of Zambia's population.

Watch the video clips or read what they have to say.

Luka Mafo sits under a tree.

Luka Mafo, a 19-year-old Zambian who works with his mother selling secondhand clothes to support his two brothers, sister and three cousins
Jeffrey D. Sachs sits in front of a blackboard.

Jeffrey D. Sachs, director of the Columbia University Earth Institute and an expert on globalization and the international economy
Mark O¹Donnell sits in his office.

Mark O’Donnell, a Zambian businessman and the spokesperson for the Zambian Manufacturers Association
Hilda Mukunngu sits outside.

Hilda Mukungu, Luka’s mother, who takes care of three nieces and nephews in addition to raising her three children
Mutumba Mainga Bull, hair tied up with colorful African cloth, sitting in a chair.

Mutumba Mainga Bull, Zambian historian and former Minister of Health
Henry Banda stands in a clothing donation import warehouse.

Henry Banda, a Zambian businessman who imports secondhand clothes from the United States
Sipho Phiri stands in a business suit.

Sipho Phiri, a Zambian banker who has worked for Barclays Bank internationally

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