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  • January 20
    10:00 PM
    Accept the Call
    A Somali father in Minnesota seeks to understand why his American son tried to join the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria.
  • January 27
    10:00 PM
    The First Rainbow Coalition
    Account of the groundbreaking 1960’s Chicago alliance between the Black Panthers, Young Lords, and Young Patriots.
  • February 3
    10:00 PM
    Leftover Women
    China's severe demographic imbalance has led to a social crisis for single women who are faced with the constant pressure to marry.
  • February 10
    10:00 PM
    Cooked: Survival by Zip Code
    The 1995 Chicago heatwave led to 739 deaths in a week, consisting mostly of poor, elderly, and African American residents.
  • February 17
    10:00 PM
    We Believe In Dinosaurs
    The Bible and science collide amid the battleground of a Kentucky creationism museum.
  • February 24
    10:00 PM
    Always in Season
    Explores recent grassroots efforts to acknowledge the victims of lynching, repair the damage, and reconcile in four U.S. communities.
  • March 30
    10:00 PM
    One Child Nation
    Nanfu Wang uncovers the startling, untold history of China's One-Child policy.
  • April 13
    10:00 PM
    Haunted by the death of a mentally ill sister, psychiatrist Ken Rosenberg takes on the role of filmmaker to examine a national health crisis.
  • April 20
    10:00 PM
    The Hottest August
    This cinematic experience offers a mirror onto a society on the verge of catastrophe, registering the anxieties, distractions, and survival strategies that preoccupy ordinary lives.
  • April 27
    10:00 PM
    Jim Allison: Breakthrough
    The astounding, true story of one warm-hearted, stubborn man’s visionary quest to find a cure for cancer.
  • May 11
    10:00 PM
    A filmmaker revisits his idyllic Philadelphia childhood and the secret that tore apart his seemingly-perfect world.
  • May 25
    10:00 PM
    Eating Up Easter
    A sudden boom in tourism trade that brings in money - and waste - and a changing climate that threatens the fragile ecology on Easter Island.
  • June 22
    10:00 PM
    Pipe Dreams
    Focuses on five organ players, each with their own pressures and abilities as they compete in the Canadian International Organ Competition.