The Undocumented by Marco Williams

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  • About the Film

    Pathologist examines a body found in the desert.

    Since 1998, more than two thousand dead bodies have been found in Arizona’s Sonora Desert—the remains of “border crossers” who perished en route to the United States. As Marcos Hernandez searches for his father, who vanished while walking through the Sonora, this cinéma vérité documentary exposes the little known consequences of current immigration policies.

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  • Marco Williams on the Human Side of Immigration Debate

    Filmmaker Marco Williams

    We recently spoke with Williams about the making of his film, The Undocumented, and the impact he hopes it will have on the national immigration debate. By going beyond politics, the film also tells a story that is deeply personal.

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  • Border Crossing by the Numbers

    A John Doe Cemetery in Holtsville, California

    In the past decade, reinforcements to the U.S. - Mexico border have pushed immigrants to the Sonoran Desert. Even though attempts to cross into the United States have dropped, deaths have risen. Here is a snapshot of border-crossing by the numbers.

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  • Talkback

    US/Mexican border fence at night, Southern Arizona

    Undocumented immigration to the United States continues to be a controversial and divisive topic. Do you feel that U.S. immigration laws could be improved upon or changed? What changes, if any, would you like to see take place? How has immigration affected your own life and your family?

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