Ralph Nader, in a suit, looks up to his left Watch Preview Check Local Listings
A young Nader speaks at a podium against a sign listing “problems” including price fixing, advertising fraud, medical costs, bad food and campaign financing. Text reads: For more than 40 years, Ralph Nader has worked tirelessly as a consumer advocate, building a legislative record rivaling that of any contemporary president. Yet today, many people consider him an egomaniac and an election spoiler.

AN UNREASONABLE MAN takes an unsparing look at this important and polarizing political figure.
A light blue car from the 1960s.  Text reads: Where's Nader?
View everyday scenes to see the effects Ralph Nader's consumer activism has had on the average citizen. more Ralph Nader, in a suit, waves his hand behind a podium as red, white and blue confetti flies around him.   Text reads: Find out how the presidential debates are structured and how the two-party system came to be.
Second picture: Nader sits in a car looking apprehensive.  Text reads: Ralph Nader is outspoken about his opinions on government and consumer advocacy.  How about you? An image of a voting ballot labeled “Official Ballot” Text reads: Ralph Nader's candidacy in 2000 is the reason George W. Bush won the presidential election.
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