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This is the story of a remarkable dancer, Jock Soto, who retired from the New York City Ballet at age 40, after a 24-year career.

Soto's journey as an openly gay man of Navajo Indian and Puerto Rican descent provides a rare glimpse into the life of a dancer and the disparate worlds which have shaped this important artist.
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Jock Soto and Wendy Whelan practice, with her hands on each side of his head and his arm around her back

The Making Of:

"I took my sneaker off, then my sock, and wrapped the sock around the mic while all the Navajos who had no clue why I was doing that, and probably thought I must be a little nuts, politely pretended not to notice."  More >>

The Filmmaker:

"There are many stereotypes about dancers, Native people and gay people which the film attempts to dispel."  Read more >>
Headshot of Gwendolen Cates

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