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Our Mother Tongues

The Our Mother Tongues website explores the world of America's first languages. On the site, you will meet Native Americans young and old speaking and learning their mother tongues.

The people pictured below are just a few of the Native Americans who contributed to the site. They are Alutiiq, Cherokee, Crow, Salish, Mohawk, Lakota, Sauk, Euchee, Ojibwe, Dakota, Navajo, and Wampanoag.

Simply scroll over their images and you will hear them speaking in their Native languages.

The full site includes a Google map locating these communities and linking to photos, video and text about each group's language, history and culture. You can also send an audio postcard in one of six Native languages, watch additional video material filmed for We Still Live Here, and send in your own thoughts and ideas by participating on the blog.

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