We Were Here

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  • About the Film

    A black-and-white photo circa early 1980s of a group of men gathered outside during Shanti Project retreat at Wildwood Resort.

    When AIDS arrived in San Francisco in 1981, it decimated a community, but also brought people together in inspiring and moving ways to support and care for one another and to fight for dignity and a cure.

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  • Timeline

    Trace the major events of the first decade of the AIDS crisis in San Francisco.

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  • The Making Of

    Black-and-white photograph of ACT-UP demonstrators leaning on each other during a protest. Their t-shirts and banners read Silence = Death and ACT-UP Golden Gate

    Evoking a Time When San Francisco Was a War Zone

    We Were Here was short-listed for the Best Doc Oscar and directed by David Weissman, whose earlier films include The Cockettes. We asked him why it was important to make a film about the darkest days of the AIDS crisis now.

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  • Talkback

    Black and white photograph of marchers carrying a banner that reads “Fighting for Our Lives.”

    What are your memories of the early years of the AIDS epidemic? Was it a visible epidemic where you live?

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