When the Drum Is Beating

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  • About the Film

    Yvenel ‘Sore’ Etienne, Septentrional vocalist at the mic

    Surviving dictatorships, natural disasters, and extreme poverty, Haiti's most popular band, Septentrional, has been making music for 62 years — 12 years longer than the average Haitian lifespan.

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    Listen to a Sampling of Haitian Music

    From vodou to Kompa to mizik rasin, Haitian music is a mix of European, African, and Latin traditions, melded together with a largely upbeat and celebratory rhythm. While the most famous Haitian musician in America is Wyclef Jean, in Haiti itself, the superstars are plentiful.

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    Filmmaker Whitney Dow

    A Filmmaker on a Mission to Make an Uplifting Film About Haiti

    In making When the Drum is Beating — about Septentrional, a band that has persevered and flourished in Haiti for 65 years — Whitney Dow brings a story of a nation with a unflagging spirit and passion for its unique and rich cultural identity.


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    A crowd of men and woman dancing and singing

    Do you have a favorite band or musician whose music reflects a larger social history?

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