The Woodmans

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  • 2012 Emmy Award — Outstanding Arts & Culture Programming
  • About the Film

    A black-and-white photo of Francesca Woodman and her father George Woodman, taken by the artist. They are seated in child-sized, antique chairs with an empty one between them. The father smiles at his daughter as she looks back at him more tentatively. The title of the photo is Untitled 1980 (New York)

    Photo: Untitled, 1980 by Francesca Woodman
    Courtesy Betty and George Woodman

    A family of artists struggles with the loss of its brightest star, seminal photographer Francesca Woodman.

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  • Talkback

    Francesca Woodman in a surreal, black-and-white self-portrait titled: Self portrait talking to Vince 1975-1978 (Providence RI). She stares into the camera with her mouth open as squiggle of liquid or gel appears to emanate from her mouth.

    Photo: Self portrait talking to Vince,1975-1978
    by Francesca Woodman
    Courtesy Betty and George Woodman

    Is mental illness more common in artists than the general population? Can one’s muse also be one’s downfall?

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