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WORST POSSIBLE ILLUSION: The Curiosity Cabinet of Vik Muniz

The Curiosity Cabinet


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Radaroo Rice
I love Vik Muniz art work, the way you have to look deeply into the image to see what the image was really meant for you to see, like the Picture of Chocolate silver dye bleach print (lifochrome). I'm writing a review on that piece, and I'm sure people and family will enjoy it as much as I did. It's a define and unique piece I really did love it.

Katy Shanafelt
Boise, Idaho
I gave the gift of Vik to my students through the video, Worst Possible Illusion. To have students hush each other to hear, to crowd up to the screen and stare in awe, gasp in wonder, was thrilling. They are given the gift of feeling that anything is possible, that magic can happen and that they can do it, too. I teach art and Vik helped me touch lives. Thanks.

Dan Falvey
San Jose, CA
What a fantastic voyage!

Flat photographs that transpose beyond 3-Dimensional space. Vic opens the infinite possibilities of expression and perception.


Martina L.
I fell into the film and was imidiately captured. What an unexpected, exhilerating, experience.

I felt a childlike wonder and joy while watching and listening to Vik. Hiscreativity, curiosity, intellegence, ingenuity, and humor are engaging. Watching this movie was an intelLectual as well as physical experince..PURE JOY.

What a wonderful example of a person living his "spirit out loud" letting his "light shine".

Alameda, ca
It's a bird,
no a cloud,
its Vik Muniz

Richard Tomita
Sacramento, CA
where can i get more of this man? He is so sexy too!! I love what he is doing with the art movement. I have never been so interested in the art creation to finished product. I love you VIK!!

Freehold, NJ
I feel blessed to have "stumbled" across this film -- blessed to have "discovered" the work of Vik Muniz ...

As an artist, I try always to find ways to create from the detritus/overabundance of our daily lives -- I collect materials on walks around my block, in five & dime stores, at yard sales, from magazines, discarded photos... Certainly, a guy who paints in chocolate, plastic toys and hole-punched magazines is my kind of guy!

I am forever changed; thank you.

New York, NY
What an inspiration this film was. An amazing choice of artists to represent. I saw this film on PBS maybe 3 months ago... and it's popped into my head many times. I'm an artist and a spiritual intellect. Thanks for producing this film.


jennifer bataclan
i like art that can trigger resourcefulness and creativity in people...i like art that can trigger something personal in people.. i like art with wit and humor... that has a sort of an "in joke" quality to it ... art that has details.. i love details... every piece plays with each other... vik muniz's art is very inspirng

lynn peterson
Eugene, Oregon
One artist's journey can 'draw' another artist on. On a late night dance around the moon, finishing commercial graphics, I became enchanted and challenged by the art and life of Vic Muniz.

I'd taken a side road and was stumbling blindly, living dollar to dollar. I'd lost my way. Still searching, but on a better path now since seeing the film.

Much kindness, Lynn

amy shiner
tucson, az

This piece of film
it stirred my heart,
to possilibiltes
in life and art.

It must be viewed
by many ages,
Vik teaches by living
he is courageous!

Bravo to Anne-Marie and crew
for transmitting Vik's message,
it's joyful
it's true.

Dale Maxwell
Hats off to the programers that made me stop to watch PBS. My intrest was peaked by the tallent that was shown by Vik Muniz. He made me stop to see things in an aternative way. This man and the show, sparked my brain to be that much more creative.

Anne-Marie Russell
Tucson, Arizona
After having the great privilege of getting to know Vik and his special brand of magic, it is a pure delight to share him with a wide audience. Thanks Mixed Greens, Independent Lens and PBS!! And profound thanks to Vik Muniz for being an endless source of joy and inspiration...

Amy Cobb
Greenwood, SC
I'd never heard of Vic Muniz before last week, but I am truly inspired by his playful creativity. I ove how Mr. Muniz is inspired by pretty much everything around him. The film reminded me that art should never be a chore, and inspired me to play around with my writing. My work has been revitalized by this very interesting artist.

m neidich
Vik Muniz-a light of aesthetic beauty for "everyman"! Make another documentary for "the people".Thanks

Chicago IL
First of all I am proud to be a Chicagoen even more after seeing this film about the great Vik Muniz. I have always been more creative than driven to create and some what intimidated by those who know and apreciate art. I lost sight of my inspiration and the idea that it is all around us. Vik Muniz has trully inspired me to create again, he is not only a artistic treasure but a wonderful mind with a beautful soul. I hope that next time he is in Chicago I can see his show and meet him. The kind of art that inspires me is art that doesn't seem pretensious that is trully creative not a bowl of fruit or a boat at sea but presenting things in a different light by unique and interesting mediums. Vik makes art accesable to all and removes the stigma that only the rich who can buy Monet and Vangough can apreciate and set the standards for art.

Peter Happel-Christian
Tucson, AZ
Vik's work is simply about living in the world and responding passionately to life. I thought the film beautifully revealed Vik the artist and Vik the guy. His work is kind of like tapping your friend on the shoulder to point out some small event you caught in the corner of your eye - I loved it. Show it again!


Steve Scott
Concord, CA
Vic Muniz is to art what the Beatles were to music. To create such incredible art work is in and of itself is amazing. But to come to the realization that he utilized common yet obscure mediums such as string, wire or chocolate is awe inspiring. It's exciting to see there are people that can have such an immediate and profound effect on all of us. Please continue to search out and present individuals like this in all aspects of art & music. Thanks!!!

tucson arizona
The film's greatest success is giving us a window into how this artist sees the world. Who would not be charmed by Vik? I would love to see more documentaries of this sort from PBS.

Steven Swann
Stuart, FL
What can we be other than grateful? Vik has seen "the rules" of art and of perception and has invited us to re-examine what we believe, what we see, and what we believe that we see.

The mulitude of media in which he works are a clear reflection that his talent cannot be contained, limited, defined or stopped.

Thank you Vik. Your genius is to awaken us from this slumber.

Vic Muniz is the coolest guy i've ever seen. He not only is an amazing artist but he's even got a great sense of humor. I find it so amazing that he can come up with such creative ways to express his artistic abilities. I wish i was only half as creative.

poteau, ok
vik Muniz made my husband and i proud to know that art isn't all washed up as we thought. In fact it has evolved into a wonderful display of creative strength. I hope you do well brother, for you truely are an artist.

thank you pbs for showing this awsome mans life and art, we were very touched.

bloomington, in
imagine a world with all of us having eyes like this man? it is indeed heroic to hold fast to this lightness of being that muniz seems steeped in, especially when there is so much grief and horror all around. the art he makes and lives makes life for us bearable, magical, mysterious, silly, gorgeous, and true. thank you from the bottom of my heart for making and showing this film.

Ann Mejias
Virginia Beach, VA
I shared my thoughts with my 7 year old son about how creative and incredible an artist Vik Muniz is; I showed him the samples on this website and he is now with a pair of pliers in his hand and twist ties in the other. Thanks for the inspiration Vik!

Los Angeles, CA
From the looks of your Talkback page, I am not the only one that was rendered extremely happy by this film. Thank you for introducing me to Vik Muniz in such a refreshing way. I've been babbling and raving ever since I saw it.

Gregory K. Morales
Terre Haute, IN
I love it when, from time to time, PBS programming stops me mid-click on my remote as I sit on my couch at 2 in the morning, fighting sleep. Even more do I adore it when a program such as "IndependentLens" actually keeps me from changing the channel.

I was incessantly amazed and moved, my mind twisting and turning, my eyes not wanting to blink for fear that I might miss something. The film on Vik Muniz opened my eyes, forcing me to look at the world and life in different ways. What is beyond that which is underneath our understanding of what is? No one knows, many have no clue. Vik Muniz is helping us to share with one another our understanding of these and other questions.

Las Vegas, Nevada
I loved watching Vik. I found my mouth just hanging open more than once during the show! It was the first time any art has moved me to tears. Vik, please come to Las Vegas!

Philadelphia, PA
I love Visual Art. Allowing the artist to challenge my perception, feels not like a loss of control but the gain of freedom - freedom to change the parameters of the world.

I believe that Art is very autobiographical and that that history should be past down to future generations - what's wonderful about programming such as 'Worst Possible Illusion', is that you've given everyone an opportunity to experience it.

Artists like Vik Muniz remind me that great minds can trump what I imagine my expectations or ideals of art are. And that's what keeps you coming into galleries and viewing programs such as this one - we want stimulation, we want laughter - we want an artist whose talk and personality is as compelling as their work.

Julio Longoria
Yesterday i saw the documentary on Vic Muniz's art and photography. And i was i total awe from the begining to its entirety. I have seen art before in many ways, but i had never seen some of the technics i saw Vik use. You made me change the way,i view Art, and opened my eyes to things not only in Art, but in life as well. You are a true inspiration,and a modern day master.

I saw the film last night and all I could think of was the story of "The Emperor's New Clothes". I do not disagree with Ms Russell's belief that artists and intellectuals should be recognized as heroes, I think the fact that individuals bring their art to our attention is an act of heroism in itself, but it is not that act that makes them artists

Laurie Anderson
Torrance, California
Show it again! Show it again!

Steve Bauer
Fremont, Nebraska
I watched Worst Possible Illusion this morning while giving blood at the Red Cross. Before the program I had never heard of Vik Muniz, now I'm a big fan. I particularly liked his humor and playfulness with his art. He doesn't take himself terribly seriously but does have a unique and dedicated vision of what he wants his art to say. Thanks for the show.

All art inspires me because it is, by its very nature, an act of bravery. Artists describe the human soul through various media and methods; and these creations are the physical embodiments of courage.

I see Vik Muniz as a hero. He is a unique human being whose powerful messages flow from his conception (regardless of intent)into our perception. It is a condensed yet subtle stream of conciousness which, unleashed like a tide, ebbs and flows through our minds forever altering us.

jessica doyle
i have missed this program so much...it is so nice to view superb short documentaries on extraordinary artists..... as an art teacher, it inspires me to keep on having that "artist side" and never losing it..... Muniz's life was quite inspiring:):):).thanks!

Steve Carlson
Truly Amazing!

I stayed up till 1 am reviewing my notes on this broadcast. I woke up this morning a changed person. I see everything a little differently now. This broadcast should be re-run often and shown in every school. Creative juices were reborn through this artist. Thanks PBS and Mr Muniz

Melanie Jordan
El Paso, TX
I am dumbfounded. This was amazing to me and I awoke today today with a goal to try to see daily life differently. To look closer, to inspect and introspect, to dream, to create and to praise God for givng us minds that can always reach further and dream bigger!

Vik Muniz is a wonderful artist and someone who inspires! He is a visionary and a genius!

This is the best programing I have come across in ages! Who knew watching TV last night could spark a whole new world to me!

Kidane Yitbarek
New York, NY
Vik's contribution to humanity is one of a kind. His work invites your senses to feel the moment and appreciate life.

I confess that I am addicted to his unique artistic expression.

Mesa, Arizona
I've never really looked at any particular art to say "I'm inspired by that one type of art." Life is art so I guess I'm more inspired by life because it's full of art.

I thoroughly enjoyed Vik, his mannerism, his enthusiasm, his creativity, and what a wonderful view on life.

Vik may be that one person to inspire me to do some of my own creativity. I've thought about doing something unusual and now after seeing Vik's art it is possible, now just to bring it out.

Ellen Wilhite
Vik Muniz amazes me because he sees regular things in irregular ways and can bring you inside his work so you see and feel it....his way ! It absorbes the viewer into the experience in a way I have not felt before. You come across many, many artists who view things differently, but they cannot always translate 'their vision' back to the viewer in an easily digestible and experiencial way.

Muniz gift wraps and gives back what we never knew we were already looking at before.

I am mesmerized.


Tim Pyne
Ronceverte, WV
I am inspired by art of any kind that illuminates a deeper essence of an object, idea, place etc. In this way I am reminded of the sanctity of the things that we often see only as mundane.Artist like Vik Muniz affect my expectations about art by expanding my definition of art. Once expanded there are a new set of standards and expectations for those that follow. The gift of saper vedere, or "knowing how to see", is a valuable quality that artist like Vik Muniz can share with us through art. We in turn can be inspired to look at the world with a new vision. We must recognize these individuals as heroes and give them their rightful place in society and always promote the arts as an important part of our education system.

Katy Shanafelt
Boise, Idaho
To be stopped dead in your tracks while on the visual hunt of channel surfing, to have your mouth unconsciously hanging open, your eyes wide and your heart unhinged. That is what happened last night as I saw Vik for the first time. He is truly a magnetizing personality and a grand illusionist. I plan to use him as an example in my art classroom to show students how a life lived in art is more exciting and hip than a life of just watching. I put the remote down and got to work!

ann arbor, michigan
I am an artist, but since getting my MFA and trying to live in my world and making my community, I've been growing more and more apart from the world of "art". (I dislike the fact that art is not "of" the world but of the "artworld".) But I had found that living in the world without my art, I had deadened myself to the actual connection to life. So, I have tried to work back into it.

I was so excited to see this film just when I had resigned myself to another nite of "nothing to watch on TV". It was like it was sent for me and only me to see. And it excited me so much...I've been spending all morning connecting with my friends about this film. Vic Muniz truly affected my ideas about art....here is a man who can connect to the community and to his art.

My heroes have never been ones of brute strength....quite the opposite but ones whose strength keeps us going inside. Vic Muniz has inspired me to keep into my art and to keep into my world of community.

I would love to acquire this video to share with my community....to show that art lies in each of us...to keep all of us searching.

Connie K
Rome, NY
What an incredible inspiration! His inspiration (as well as permentent grin) was infectious. Thanks PBS again! Connie (NY)

Lynda Camp
Elmore, Ohio
I was in complete awe while watching Mr. Muniz last night. Anyone that can express ideas in the way he has just completely blows my mind, and it inspires me at the same time. I like how he said "I think it's a good thing that people are still confused on defining what I do and where to place it. It means it's new and they don't have a class or a box for it yet" It is artists like him that have fueled my desire to become as talented as they are. I plan to attend a university in the fall of 2004 to major in art. =)

David Merk
Montreal Quebec
I want to learn more about what Vik said about how in america art has become opinion and that art is how you say it not what you say.

Showing people beauty that can be seen in ordinary things is fun but can I make a living doing it?

I saw a clowd that looked like my bed,tired I found smaller dust clowds under my bed.I cant tell how or what they meen but I know my mom would have an opinion.


San Francisco, CA
It's so cool film!!! He's a genius artist who never stops his imagination. I'll watch it again tomorrow and wait for it to release on DVD. Thank you for a great work like this.

roberto melcher
san rafael...california
Thank you ...i have not been very inspired in a long long time...i will be getting back to my own vision now....thanks again.... p.s. i know about not so good jobs too !!!

marlene attaway
hayden lake, idaho
I fell in love with this guy! How inspiring! What a great program. Thanks! It is artists like Muniz who will keep art alive and well in the years to come. So creative!!!!!

Phoenix, Arizona
Thank you for the insight on Vik's work and him. I'm a photogragher and was inspired by Vik's work. I have a passion for visual stimulation. Artist's like Muniz make me feel that all your hard work can be appreciated and shared with others. I would like to commend the collaborative work that was seen on and off the film about Vik Muniz.

Boise Idaho
Simply superb. The film itself is art and somehow manages to capture and reflect the genius of Mr. Muniz. Congratulations to those who conceived and produced it. Inspiring.

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of Vik Muniz's film. His art, the methods he uses to create it, his photography and his personal presentation in this film were fun and inspiring. What a wonderful way to view the world! His work inspires others to see the world from a different perspective. Using what he finds to work with shows his creativity as an artist and encourages others to think outside the box. I agree with Ms. Russell in that heroes are not limited to society's pre-conceived notions of what constitutes a hero.

Forrest W.
Winona, MN
45 minutes is all it took to convince me that Vik Muniz is the most awesome artist in the history of both awesomeness and art.

In the tv documentary,Vik's interaction with children, the elderly,ballonists, educated,uneducated,tehcnicians, everyone all from different backgrounds was refreshing.He allowed the viewer to have a glimpse into his world,cuttintg through clutter and pushing it aside.

He was the positve space.His narration combined with the execution of his work in progress seemed very down to earth.Was that real or just an illusion? His visuals of sugar and chocolate were inspiring,however he was the work of art.

Gaye S. Forcke
Richwood, Texas
Non-stop creativity! What a wonderful child-like mind with itellegence bursting at the seams. I admire so much his way of expressing his ideas with such simplicity. I want to see more. Art is the heart and soul of our thoughts. Thank you Vik.

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