DISCONNECTED: Politics, the Press and the Public
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Students Taking Action

Students Get Involved
Fred Friendly Seminars partnered with the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, the international organization of student journalists, to encourage young people to think about campaign coverage. realmedia video clip

National opinion polls show that teenagers, like the adult population have a low opinion of the news media and believe that election coverage doesn't really deal with issues that matter.

Student to Student On the Issues
Teenvoice.com, an online teen magazine created by the students at the Bergen County Academies in New Jersey, has been hosting a discussion about campaign coverage in partnership with Disconnected.

How to get involved
You too can make a difference in your local school and/or community during the upcoming election year. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Interview your local TV anchorperson, state representative or community leader and write a series of articles for your student paper.

Poll your school's students to find out what they think about the media's role during an election year. Publish the results in the schools newspaper and issue a news release for local media.

Organize a panel of student government leaders and student journalists to discuss their views on politics and the press during an election year. Use segments of the Fred Friendly Seminar program to help form your opening discussion.

Help organize a panel event where adult panel members discuss their roles in the upcoming election. Ask your local TV anchors, politicians, newspaper reporters and community leaders to participate. Invite local media to cover the event.

Work with your school's principal and teachers to form a "day of discussion." During the day there could be seminars with adult guest speakers from your local community (such as politicians, reporters, community leaders etc.), student-led discussion sections, or voter registration information.

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