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Get Involved with Our Genes / Our Choices

The Our Genes/Our Choices project aims to increase your understanding of issues in genetics, address common misconceptions, and ultimately help you become a more informed decision-maker. The information and resources contained on this site are designed to help you participate in thoughtful dialogue with others—family members, friends, co-workers, or other community members.

Here's How You Can Participate
  • Watch the program with your family and friends

  • Use the classroom lesson plans with secondary school students

  • Share information about Our Genes/Our Choices and the national conversation

  • Use the Our Genes/Our Choices programs and resources with your family, at work, at your next church meeting, etc.

  • Contact us to learn about what's going on in your area
For more information on the series and to obtain Public Relations materials, contact:

Kristin Fellows
(703) 780-4006

Michelle Prince
(212) 854-8995

Organizations and Resources
Learn about the expanding group of organizations that can offer additional resources on genetics issues.

Materials to Get Started
These easily downloadable materials will help you bring people together for discussion.
  • Viewer's Guide
    For ideas on how to initiate your own discussions and activities, download and print out the pdf of the viewer's guide. (Requires Acrobat Reader)
    Download Now

  • Classroom Lesson Plans
    Teachers, access lesson plans for science and health classes, grades 6-12
    Go to Lesson Plan Index Now

  • Series Photos
    Download these high and low-resolution pictures (in .jpg format) for use in newsletters, local newspaper stories, ads, and on Web sites.
    Program Graphics and Photos Page

  • Series Flyer
    Create your own flyer and download a high quality image (in .jpg format) to your computer.
    Series Flyer Page

  • Series Logo
    Download the series logo (high and low-resolution .jpg format) for use in newsletters, print materials, and on Web sites.
    Program Graphics and Photos Page
For more information about Fred Friendly Seminars, visit www.fredfriendly.org


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