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Provoke student reflection on their reactions to the events of September 11th.

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  • Students will consider their personal responses to the events of September 11th and how that day affected their views of the world.
  • Students will gain understanding of and empathy for the experiences and responses of others following the events of September 11th.
  • Students will develop skills for communication through discussion with partners or groups.
In this activity, students answer seven true-false questions as a way of generating discussion about changes following September 11th. (These questions are also a part of the NEW NORMAL quiz, in which students speculate on the experiences, preferences, opinions, and styles of the four teens featured on the NEW NORMAL site. However, it is not necessary that students complete the online quiz before this activity.) To begin, give each student a copy of Student Handout 2; this student handout is a .pdf file and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Ask students to take about five minutes to mark each item true or false and, if they wish, write a few brief comments for any or all items.

When students have completed their sheets, they can join their partners or small groups to share and discuss their answers. Afterwards, ask pairs or groups to share general comments about their discussion with the class. General questions to encourage discussion include:
  • What do you see as the value of this activity?
  • Without breaking confidentiality, did you learn anything that surprised you?
  • Did this activity prompt you to see anything or anyone in a different way?
  • Did this activity prompt you to see yourself in a different way?
Note: Confidentiality should be respected. No student should divulge details of another's responses without permission. Remind students of this before the pair/group discussions.

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