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Finding the wrong message in a bottle can leave you with much more than a bad hangover.
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Alcohol: What You Don't Know

In "Alcohol: What You Don't Know," In the Mix hosts Tamah and Duane, who are of legal drinking age, submit themselves to an experiment. As they have just a few drinks throughout the show, we see how their motor skills and judgement are affected. One of Nassau County's physician consultants lays down the facts about what you drink, how quickly it will hit you, and debunks popular myths about how to "sober up." [Current stats about teen drinking]

In the Mix reporter Eddie visits with teens in a treatment program for recovering alcoholics. They give us the honest truth about why they started drinking and how quickly it can get out of control, then leave us with valuable tips on how to recognize and reach out to someone who's an alcoholic. [Get and give advice] Eddie also checks out one high school's unique approach to curbing teenage drinking a peer education program where seniors, not teachers, show younger students the truth about drinking.
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As Tamah and Duane continue to imbibe, a doctor points out that their speech is slurred and their coordination is deteriorating. Teens who experienced alcohol poisoning after binge drinking talk about their brushes with death, while we hear tragic stories about young people who weren't so lucky. A medical expert explains what happens to your body when you give it excessive amounts of alcohol in a short period of time (hint: it doesn't like it). [More advice from the expert]

Duane takes (and fails) a police sobriety test, while Tamah gets behind the wheel to discover how much her driving ability is impaired. Later, Tamah finds out what happens at a DWI checkpoint, and what the law has in store for people convicted of drinking and driving. We also hear from young people who paid an even higher price than jail time they're permanently disabled from drunk driving accidents.
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What you don't know about alcohol CAN hurt you, so In the Mix wants to give you the facts and introduce you to people who made bad choices so you can learn from their mistakes. [Great resources] [Get help 24/7]

"Alcohol: What You Don't Know" is regularly re-broadcast on PBS affiliates across the country. Please check our schedule and station list for airtimes.

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