Alcohol Show
Finding the wrong message in a bottle can leave you with much more than a bad hangover.
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Myths and Facts

Myth: "Drinking coffee, getting some fresh air, or taking a cold shower will sober you up."

Fact: The only way to get sober is to wait for the body to metabolize (eliminate) the alcohol it takes several hours. The body metabolizes about one drink each hour. Coffee or a shower may make you feel more awake, but you will still be impaired.

Myth: "I only drink beer. Beer won't affect my driving."

Fact: Beer will fill you up more than wine or hard liquor, but a glass of beer has the same alcohol content as a glass of wine or a mixed drink.

Myth: "Alcohol helps me socialize better."

Fact: The effect of alcohol may cause a person's attention to be less focused, allowing them to feel more comfortable around other people. However, this effect is very brief and does not last as one continues to consume more alcohol. The social effects that then result vary from person to person, but include being obnoxious, aggressive, withdrawn, and impulsive.

Myth: "Alcohol makes me perform better."

Fact: Heavy drinking has a negative effect on judgement, coordination and reaction time. Due to alcohol's relaxing effects, drinking alcohol can lead to a false sense of confidence that can have deadly consequences if unchecked.