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Third Eye Blind and ITM's Andrea team up to help save lives.
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Depression: On The Edge

Red Alert: Knowing the difference between the daily turmoil of growing up and the darkness of diagnosable depression may mean the difference between life and death. Left untreated, depression can lead to and be the underlying cause of eating disorders, substance abuse, sleep disorders, headaches, and even result in suicide which is now approaching the second leading cause of adolescent death. Did you know that approximately 14 teens die at their own hands daily, adding up to 5,000 reported teen suicides annually? It's estimated that the correct statistic is actually three to four times that number when unreported and "suicide equivalent" deaths are added. Between 250,000 and 500,000 teens attempt suicide every year. [Current stats about teen depression and suicide]

"Depression: On the Edge" is co-hosted by Third Eye Blind and funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It addresses teen angst-from normal "blues" to clinical depression to suicide-and shows how and where you can get help if you need it. [Get and give advice]

In "On the Edge," the members of Third Eye Blind reveal the meaning behind their hit song "Jumper" and openly discuss how they individually handle depression. Then, In the Mix meets three teens who are battling depression, and learns about the painful feelings they experience, plus some tactics that have helped them win the battle. Dr. Belisa Lazano-Vranich, from the National Mental Health Association, shows us how to identify symptoms of depression in ourselves and others, outlining the important distinction between natural "blues" and diagnosable depression. She also clarifies the most common causes of the illness and provides practical, concrete ways to fight it. [More from Dr. Vranich]

In the Mix also visits small town life in Pierre, South Dakota-a city of only 13,000 but a place with the highest per capita rate of teen suicide in the United States. In the past three years, Pierre has been bombarded with a series of teen suicides. Why, in such a safe, sheltered community, are teens taking their own lives? Teens in Pierre talk frankly about living in a small town and speculate on the reasons for such shocking statistics. [Take our poll on suicide] We then take an intimate look into the life on one Pierre teen who is coping with the loss of her brother to suicide.

Through the Yellow Ribbon Campaign, a grassroots intervention program, teen activists in Pierre use theater as a method of prevention in their community. Through tragedy, this one town has pulled together to confront and deal with teen depression and suicide to prevent more teens from taking their lives. The teens of Pierre also give voice to universal pressures and issues teen face, which can lead to depression, and offer solutions for preventing an escalating problem. [How do you feel about depression and suicide?]

"On the Edge" stresses early identification and treatment as your best weapon in the fight against the national epidemic of teen depression and suicide. We also aim to break down the social stigma of depression that leads many teens to deny and hide the problem. By speaking candidly and personally, "On the Edge" shows young people that the sooner they learn the facts, the sooner they can help themselves and their peers. [Great resources] [Get help 24/7]

"Depression: On the Edge" is regularly re-broadcast on PBS affiliates across the country. Please check our schedule and station list for airtimes.

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