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JAZZ A Film By Ken Burns
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Partial view of Record Label: Musicraft, Salt Peanuts
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Bass Tommy Potter (and Charlie Parker)
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Adapted from: People in Jazz, Northwestern University,, and Jazz: History, Instruments, Musicians, Recordings by John Fordham

Avital, Omer
Blanton, Jimmy
Braud, Wellman
Brown, Ray
Burno, Dwayne
Carter, Ron
Chambers, Paul
Clarke, Stanley
Cohen, Avashai
Cohen, Greg
Cranshaw, Bob
Crosby, Israel
Davis, Richard
Drummond, Ray
Duvivier, George
Foster, Pops
Fuller, Jeff
Garrison, Jimmy
Goldsby, John
Gomez, Eddie
Grenadier, Larry
Grimes, Henry
Haden, Charlie
Haggart, Bob
Heath, Percy
Helias, Mark
Hinton, Milt
Holland, Dave
Holley, Major
Hopkins, Fred
Irwin, Dennis
Izenson, David
Johnson, Marc
Kirby, John
LaFaro, Scott
Maleson, Boots
McBride, Christian
Mingus, Charles
Mitchell, Red
Moore, Michael
Mraz, George
Page, Walter
Pastorius, Jaco
Peacock, Gary
Pettiford, Oscar
Stewart, Slam
Swallow, Steve
Vinnegar, Leroy
Ware, Wilbur
Washington, Peter
Watkins, Doug
Weber, Eberhard
Williams, Buster
Workman, Reggie