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JAZZ A Film By Ken Burns
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Partial view of Record Label: Musicraft, Salt Peanuts
Behind the BeatGuitar
Guitar Detail of Charlie Christian and Gene Krupa from Benny Goodman Sextet
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Adapted from: People in Jazz, Northwestern University,, and Jazz: History, Instruments, Musicians, Recordings by John Fordham

Alden, Howard
Bailey, Derek
Barnes, George
Bauer, Billy
Benson, George
Bertoncini, Gene
Burrell, Kenny
Byrd, Charlie
Casey, Al
Christian, Charlie
Coryell, Larry
Di Meola, Al
Dunbar, Ted
Durham, Eddie
Ellis, Herb
Farlow, Tal
Frisell, Bill
Frith, Fred
Galbraith, Barry
Gismonti, Egberto
Green, Freddie
Green, Grant
Grimes, Tiny
Grosz, Mary
Hall, Jim
Hunter, Charlie
Jordan, Stanley
Kessel, Barney
Kress, Carl
Lindsay, Arto
Lowe, Mundell
Malone, Russell
McDonough, Dick
McLaughlin, John
Metheny, Pat
Montomery, Wes
Moore, Oscar
Palmier, Remo
Pass, Joe
Pizzarelli, Bucky
Puma, Joe
Pastorius, Jaco
Raney, Jimmy
Reinhardt, Django
Rosenwinkle, Kurt
Scofield, John
Sharrock, Sonny
Smith, Johnny
Stern, Mike
Ulmer, James Blood
VanEps, George
Wayne, Chuck
Whitfield, Mark