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JAZZ A Film By Ken Burns
Places, Spaces and Changing Faces
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Partial view of Record Label: Musicraft, Salt Peanuts
Behind the BeatTrombone
Trombone Detail Tommy Dorsey and Bix Beiderbecke of Wolverine Orchestra, 1924
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Recommended Jazz Trombonists:

Adapted from: People in Jazz, Northwestern University,, and Jazz: History, Instruments, Musicians, Recordings by John Fordham

Barrett, Dan
Bert, Eddie
Bowie, Joseph
Brown, Lawrence
Brookmeyer, Bob
Brunies, George
Christianson, Mike
Davis, Steve
Dickinson, Vic
Dorsey, Tommy
Eubanks, Robin
Farrell, Larry
Finders, Matt
Fuller, Curtis
Gordon, Wycliffe
Gowans, Brad
Green, Big
Green, Urbie
Grey, Al
Hampton, Slide
Harris, Bill
Harrison, Jimmy
Herwig, Conrad
Jenney, Jack
Johnson, J.J.
Knepper, Jimmy
Lacy, Frank
Leibovich, Avi
Lewis, George
Ory, Kid
Malkiel, Rafi
Mangelsdorff, Albert
Moncur, Grachan
Moncur III, Grachan
Morton, Benny
Nanton, Tricky Sam
Roswell, Rudd
Rudd, Roswell
Teagarden, Jack
Turre, Steve
Wells, Dickey
Westray, Ron
Woodman, Britt
Young, Trummy