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JAZZ A Film By Ken Burns
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Dear Educator:

Welcome! The resources offered here are designed to help you use the PBS JAZZ video series and companion Web site in music, social studies, math, and language arts classes. JAZZ may be taped off-air and used for up to a year following broadcast, or you may choose to purchase it through Shop PBS for Teachers. The lesson plans may also be adapted for use as stand-alone resources.

What Teachers Are Saying About This Site
"I decided to bring some life to the school by teaching a unit on The Harlem Renaissance and the children have come alive!!!! This web site is bookmarked on all the tachers [sic] computers now and the 5th graders cannot get enough of the BeBop and sweet sounds of Duke Ellington, Ella, and many others...I hope I have spurred a new interest . . . and I did it with the help of PBS. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And the children will thank you one day for opening their minds and hearts to a new age of thinking."

"I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available on this site! A couple of years ago, it was very difficult to find web sites that were as child friendly as this! As a result, I have not used the internet as a tool in my classes — that will change, because I will definitely be sharing this site with my students, and I will use these great lessons as well."

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