Notes on the State of Virginia, Contents and Map
The only book ever published by Thomas Jefferson was written in response to a Frenchman’s inquiries about the state’s flora, fauna, institutions, and geography. Jefferson proudly described his state in loving detail. Notes on the State of Virginia was first published in English in 1787.
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  1. Boundaries of Virginia
  2. Rivers
  3. Sea Ports
  4. Mountains
  5. Cascades
  6. Productions mineral, vegetable and animal
  7. Climate
  8. Population
  9. Military force
  10. Marine force
  11. Aborigines
  12. Counties and towns
  13. Constitution
  14. Laws
  15. Colleges, buildings, and roads
  16. Proceedings as to Tories
  17. Religion
  18. Manners
  19. Manufacturers
  20. Subjects of commerce
  21. Weights, Measures and Money
  22. Public revenue and expences
  23. Histories, memorials, and state-papers
    Appendix I
    Appendix II
    Appendix III

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