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Jesse Jones and FDRWALTER CRONKITE (cont.)

Mr. Cronkite is an avid sailor of his 60-foot yacht, the Wyntje. He has recorded his experiences sailing Chesapeake Bay to Key West in his book South by Southeast (Oxmoor House, 1983); the Northeast coast in North by Northeast (Oxmoor House, 1986) and, later, in Westwind (Oxmoor House, 1990), he shared his sailing tour of America's west coast. Mr. Cronkite's first book, Eye on the World (Cowles, 1971) is an edited compendium of CBS News reporting on the major trends and stories of 1970, in which he provided analysis and commentary.

In addition to his ongoing assignments as a Special Correspondent for CBS, Mr. Cronkite hosts many public affairs and cultural programs for PBS and syndication. In 1993 he co-founded The Cronkite Ward Company, a documentary production company which has produced more than 25 award-winning documentary hours for The Discovery Channel, PBS and other networks.

1996 was a year of reflection for Mr. Cronkite during which CBS and Cronkite Ward produced his memoirs entitled Cronkite Remembers. The two-hour special aired on CBS in May. And, early in 1997, The Discovery Channel broadcast the eight-hour documentary series. Also in 1996, Mr. Cronkite's autobiography, A Reporter's Life, was published by Knopf and became a bestseller.

Mr. Cronkite and his wife of 59 years live in New York City.