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Meet Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, was head of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission formed to help his country move on from its painful legacy of racial separatism.

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John Hope Franklin on Archbishop Tutu:

"Well, I was certain that I would have a lot to learn from Archbishop Tutu. I was very curious about the experiences that South Africa had had in apartheid and the way in which it was combated upon the emergence of Nelson Mandela, and I was particularly anxious to hear what he would have to say about his experiences as the chairman of the Commission on Race and Reconciliation."

"I wanted to compare notes. I wanted to see how much they had learned from us about how to discriminate and segregate, and I wanted to learn, too, from the commission, of what it had done to arrive to the conclusions that they had arrived at."

"Of course I had read the summaries of the report. Of course I followed the, the statements that were made from time to time before the commission by South Africans who were, who were confessing, or who were objecting. But I wanted to hear from him, and I wanted to, I wanted to see what healing processes he instituted, particularly being a man of the cloth, having the capacity to forgive, that some of--some others might not have."

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