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What Can I Do?

Talking openly and honestly about issues of race and ethnicity is essential to bridging differences and opening the lines of communication across interracial, intergenerational and international barriers. To achieve this open communication, you first need to be honest with yourself. The following questions will help you begin your own journey towards peace. (After you reflect on these questions, you may want to join the dialogue happening on the Peacejourneys Web site.)

Who am I?

For me, I would classify myself as a person, as an individual, as a South African… I’m a human being. I’m a South African. (Lance)

I have three cultures. At home, it’s Lebanese, outside of home, it’s Senegalese and at school, my culture is French. (Georges)

I would not, most likely, ever marry someone who wasn’t Jewish. I want to marry someone who has experienced things that I’ve experienced that we can share together. (Jonathan)

Questions for Reflection

How Do We See Each Other?

I know various white people. I have white friends, and I’ll continue to have them. There are good people and bad people in every race. (Oumou)

If you don’t know someone who’s black, then you – all you have is the media – movies, TV, Whatever. (Sarah)It’s not to do with color but it’s to do with culture. I mean whites amongst white. Some whites won’t go out with other whites because the way they’ve been brought up is so different. (Helen)

Questions for Reflection


A hand reaches out.