The Internet has been thoroughly malled, and our own material girl, Imelda Faye, couldn't be happier. Travel with her as she visits some of her favorite shops -- there's a little something to suit every taste (and no taste, too). But don't forget to lock up your credit card first. Imelda Faye's case of Affluenza is ver-r-r-r-y contagious.

Exotic Super Stretch Limo

This is the little rental car I'm getting for my husband Harry's birthday celebration. Thought I'd invite a dozen or so close friends along. Bring your swimsuit!

Color Critters Custom Statuary

Say it with cement. A delightful way to immortalize your best furry friend.

Space Shoes
These hot little numbers may be a podiatrist's dream come true. But you know what, darling? I always say that it is better to look good than to feel good.

Wig America Co. - Special Wigs and Hairpieces
Having a bad hair day, hmmmm? If you weren't born with it, charge it.

Lovely art
If you're an art lover with indiscriminating tastes, you'll love these fine works on the subjects of football, Elvis, vodka bottles and more.

The Hunter's Mall
This is a real find, honey. Where else can you buy spray bottles of cow urine and skunk essence? C'mon. Don't be afraid to treat yourself.

Cheese State Mall
Say "fromage"! For real adventure, check out the Awesome Cowcam.

Exotic Ostrich Oil

This glamor goo costs a wing and a leg, but I'm worth it. You are, too. And this little shop will overnight mail you ostrich steaks, too. What are you waiting for?

Gadget Guru
Need a sausage maker in a hurry? A scale model of the Roswell UFO? The Gadget Guru has everything you never knew you needed so much. Operators are standing by.

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