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- Escape from Affluenza
Available from Bullfrog Films.
Call 1-800-543-FROG (3764).

- Affluenza
The prequel to Escape from Affluenza is also available from Bullfrog Films. Special discounts for non-profit and community groups.
Call 1-800-543-FROG (3764).

- Jampacked
This lively video, hosted by actress and environmentalist Alexandra Paul, gets the sustainable consumption message across effectively to junior-high and high-schoolers. It’s available from the Video Project.
Call 1-800-4-PLANET.

- Learning to Save, The Adventures of Two Piggy Banks
A good way to teach preschool and early elementary school children about the value of saving money. Raindrop Entertainment.
Call 1-888-424-3300.

- Who’s Counting
A compelling look at the career and ideas of Marilyn Waring, a member of the New Zealand parliament who wants to redefine progress and create a sustainable society. Available from Bullfrog Films.
Call 1-800-543-FROG.

- Buy Me That!
Buy Me That Too
Buy Me That 3

Media literacy for kids ages 4 through 12. These lively half-hour programs show kids the tricks advertisers use to entice them to buy their products. Co-produced by HBO and the Consumers Union.
1-800-526-4663 (for Buy Me That Too!)

- The Ad and the Ego

Excellent 57 minute film on the effects of advertising on our minds. Teachers' and viewers' guides available free online. California Newsreel
415 621-6196

- Running Out of Time

Acclaimed 1994 PBS special hosted by Scott Simon, produced by John de Graaf and Vivia Boe (producers of "Affluenza" and "Escape from Affluenza"). Explores one of the most stressful symptoms of Affluenza--"time famine." Films for the Humanities and Sciences

- All the Right Stuff
A twenty-five minute video about kids, malls, media and money. An excellent resource to teach young consumers about advertising, marketing and consumerism.
Call 1-800-543-FROG (3764).

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