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Large dam on a river

Related Links

"Drought worsens China water woes" (at
In 2006, wells and fields in northern China dried up -- the result of the worst drought in decades, according to the BBC.

China struggles to balance economy with the environment (at
In 2005, when an explosion at a factory released 100 tons of chemicals into the Songhua River, China's environmental problems became world news. The Lehrer NewsHour reported on the international impact of the spill.

Stories of Hope: Yangtze River delta (at
The PBS series Journey to Planet Earth covered how China recovered from famine over forty years ago, supported in large part by food from the Yangtze River delta. This link includes a video clip.

China's Three Gorges Dam: construction finished (at
In an audio slideshow, the UK Guardian explains the impact of the completion of the Three Gorges Dam -- the largest hydroelectric project in the world.

China Video: Desert (at
Sandstorms have a profound effect on Beijing. This video clip from National Geographic explores a reforestation effort to prevent continued desertification.

Green River (at
Green River is an NGO in China dedicated to environmental education and protection. At the organization's Web site, find out more about the organization's work as well as about the fragile Yangtze River.

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