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Related Links

How China is ruled (at
This interactive chart from the BBC in-depth series Changing China explains how China works politically, from the Communist Party on down through the courts, armed forces and townships.

"China dabbles in democracy" (at
Only about 10 percent of China's village elections are actually competitive. Learn more from this account of village elections from the BBC.

China's leaders (at
As part of its in depth series, Changing China, this BBC feature is a who's who of the upper reaches of China's government.

In pictures: China's village ballot box (at
This BBC slideshow follows the course of a village election in Liuqian village, in Shandong province.

Mao's influence on China (at
As part of a Lehrer NewsHour series on China called Rising China, Paul Solman covers how even nearly thirty years after his death, Mao is still a powerful figure.

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