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Related Links

"China's rural millions left behind" (at
Life in rural China is not as bucolic as westerners might imagine according to this BBC story.

"Traditions weigh on China's women" (at
This article from the BBC explains why the suicide rate among women is three times higher in rural areas than in the cities.

The women's kingdom (at
For FRONTLINE/World, a reporter from Shanghai covers the Mosuo people -- a matriarchal, rural culture in southwest China.

Dying to leave: human trafficking worldwide (at
Trafficking and illegal immigration imperil many rural Chinese women, as explained by this article from PBS' Wide Angle.

Life in the heart of China (at
Accompanied by his Chinese wife, an American reporter goes way off the beaten path in rural China. This interactive feature from FRONTLINE/World includes first-person accounts and slideshows.

"Land development engulfs precious Chinese farmland" (at
NPR's Morning Edition covers what's happening to rural farming women who are losing their land to development.

"China struggles to maintain one child policy" (at
From NPR's Morning Edition, an update on the one child policy, which is almost 30 years old.

"Chinese parents play matchmaker for busy children" (at
As Morning Edition reports, matchmaking by parents is becoming more and more common in China's cities as young people are too busy working to date.

"Women in China finally making a great leap forward" (at
According to this report from the Christian Science Monitor, Chinese marriages are becoming more western and women's economic contributions to family life are increasingly recognized.

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