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Nancy Black, Marine Biologist, Owner of Monterey Bay Whale Watch

Nancy Black
Photo credit: Matt Ferraro

With more than 10 years experience in Monterey Bay, Nancy Black knows whales and dolphins in the region. She owns and operates Monterey Bay Whale Watch, a company that runs trips for tourists. But her ocean voyages aren't just for entertainment -- marine biologists are also on board, collecting research data.

Nancy's research career began when she earned her M.S. in marine science from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. Today she studies whale biology for the Oceanic Society, surveys marine mammal distribution from the air with Cascadia Research and assists with Alaskan killer whale research for the National Marine Mammal Lab. She's also compiling a database of killer whales, identifying them by photographing their unique markings.

When the Ocean Adventures team arrived in Monterey Bay, Nancy was able to take gray whale tissue samples to look for pollution and study whale genetics. She also reported that there have been more killer whale attacks on gray whale calves than in previous years. Why? That's just one thing Nancy is trying to find out.