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Educator Guide to Return to the Amazon
Educator Guide to Sea Ghosts (Belugas)
Educator Guide to Call of the Killer Whale
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Using Ocean Adventures in the Classroom

Designed primarily for middle school educators and students, Ocean Adventures resources are appropriate for use in both formal and informal educational settings. They are aligned with National Science Content Standards and Ocean Literacy Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts.

The themes of Adaptations, Ecosystems and Human Impact are interwoven throughout the Ocean Adventures episodes and educational materials. Use our engaging multimedia resources to teach your students these important concepts!

Lesson Plans
Interactive Games
Episode Viewing Guides
Fun Adventures

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Lesson Plans Adaptations Ecosystems Human Impact
Ocean Careers      
Adaptations - What a Concept (Video lesson) x    
Inside-out Adaptations (Video lesson) x    
Nudibranchs - Splendid Sea Slugs (Video lesson) x    
Orca United Nations (Video lesson) x    
Shark Encounter (PDF) x    
Spectacular Squid (Video lesson) x    
Whale Adaptations (PDF) x    
A Climate Conundrum (Video lesson) x   x
Seabird Survival Adaptation Card Game (PDF) x   x
Whale Watcher (Web game lesson) x   x
Every Square Inch Counts (PDF)   x  
Fish Are Animals Too (PDF)   x  
Gray Whales on the Move (PDF)   x  
Imagine a Kelp Forest (Video lesson)   x  
Watershed Questing   x  
Arctic Animals and a Changing Climate (Video lesson)   x x
Exploring National Marine Sanctuaries (PDF)   x x
Kure Waste Chase (Web game lesson)   x x
Parasite Perils   x x
Predator Protector (Web game lesson)   x x
San Ignacio Lagoon (PDF)   x x
The Purple Problem (PDF)   x x
To Fish or Not To Fish? (PDF)   x x
How to Catch a Fish (PDF)   x x
Beluga Balancing Act     x
Debris Dilemmas (Video lesson)     x
You Are What You Eat: Plastics and Marine Life (PDF)     x

Videos Adaptations Ecosystems Human Impact
Nudibranchs x    
Orcas Hunting x    
Pink Dolphins of the Amazon x    
Squid Spawning x    
The Two-Stomached Wonder x    
Hot Turtles x   x
Beluga Whales   x x
A Warmer World for Arctic Animals   x x
Secrets of the Kelp Forest   x x
Trash on the Spin Cycle     x

Interactive Games and Learning Tools Adaptations Ecosystems Human Impact
Whale Watcher x    
Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Interactive Map   x  
Vanishing Sharks   x  
Guide to America's National Marine Sanctuaries   x x
Predator Protector   x x
Kure Waste Chase     x
Trace the Gray Whale Migration     x

Articles Adaptations Ecosystems Human Impact
Navigating the Long Way Home x    
Same Species, Different Habits x    
The Superlative, Sensitive Shark x    
Tag, You're It!   x  
Beluga Whales Under Threat   x x
A Struggle to Survive     x
Climate Change and the Marine Environment     x
Is There Something Fishy About Your Dinner?     x
Sharing Our Waters     x
Turtles Take the Heat     x

Episode Viewing Guides Adaptations Ecosystems Human Impact
Voyage to Kure x x x
Sharks at Risk   x x
The Gray Whale Obstacle Course x   x
America's Underwater Treasures   x x
Return to the Amazon x x x
Sea Ghosts x x x
Call of the Killer Whale x x x

More Fun Adventures Adaptations Ecosystems Human Impact
Voyage to Kure Adventures     x
Sharks at Risk Adventures x x x
The Gray Whale Obstacle Course Adventures x   x
America's Underwater Treasures Adventures   x x

Series Resources Adaptations Ecosystems Human Impact
Webinar for Educators with Jean-Michel Cousteau      
Tips for Using Science Multimedia      
Educator Web Links      
Download Library      

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TAPING RIGHTS: You may record Ocean Adventures off-air (see TV Schedule for broadcast times in your area) and use the program in the classroom for one year from the date of broadcast. If you miss a program or if your one-year taping rights have expired, you can purchase the program from ShopPBS.