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"To be a good public defender, you have to truly believe that there are things worth fighting for."
--Phoenix Streets

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"Trying to steal a dress from Macy's -- how much time is that worth? How much time of a person's life is a dress worth?"
--Phoenix Streets

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Phoenix Streets Phoenix Streets

He Believes There Are Things Worth Fighting For

Phoenix Streets is no exception to the rule that, for rookie public defenders, it is often "trial by fire." In his first six months, he has tried a dozen misdemeanor cases, all in the courtroom of a stern and at times combative judge.

Streets grew up in the small southern town of Beebe, Arkansas, where he and his family experienced racist abuse, and even attacks. These experiences helped fuel Streets's desire to become a public defender. He believes that the punishment should fit the crime and that he can help make that happen. Streets enlisted in the Navy, served four years as a communications expert and later attended the University of California at Berkeley on the G.I. Bill. He went on to graduate from Hastings Law School in San Francisco.


  Phoenix Streets

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Phoenix Streets

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