No Safe Place
No Safe Place
No Safe Place: Violence Against Women
Individual Causes

Photo of Male Attacker Discussion Question:

Biology, culture, and the media are all cited as factors in men's violence against women, but the causes are far more complicated. Most men -- those who are the product of the same biology, the same culture -- do not commit such acts.

What causes a husband or boyfriend to beat a woman?
Anger and a need for control are cited as common causes of men's violence against their partners. Sociologists say men tend to be violent against women when they feel their power eroding. Men who initiate violence against women don't necessarily see it that way. They may mistakenly view their aggression as revenge or retaliation. Violent men tend to act impulsively, using violence to solve problems. Their anger and response to it is also cyclical. First, they feel anger, then they express the anger verbally, then they expel their anger physically by hitting somebody. This entire cycle can take place in 20 seconds. Psychologists say violent men need to get help to stop abusing. They need psychological intervention as well as containment by the legal justice system. They need to learn new ways of relating to women and to respond to anger without resorting to violence.

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