Lawrence of Arabia
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Emerging Middle East
Arab Revolt

Map: Revolt fighting

Lawrence found his leader in Hussein's third son, Feisal. The young prince told Lawrence what supplies the Arabs needed.

Acting as a conduit between the Arabs and British High Command, Lawrence took his 'shopping lists' to Cairo.

They needed guns, ammunition, camels, food and, most importantly, British gold. Shaky alliances between rival tribes were cemented with financial inducements and the Revolt was soon back on track.
Abdullah remained fighting in the heartland of the Hejaz, guaranteeing the security of Mecca, whilst his younger brother Feisal pushed north with his army and Lawrence.

Their goal: Damascus.


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  Lawrence wrote after meeting Feisal, "I felt at first glance that this was the man I had come to Arabia to seek - the leader who would bring the Arab Revolt to full glory".


Lawrence of Arabia