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What people are saying about the LEGACY documentary and LEGACY legislation …

"As a film, LEGACY is compelling and powerful. The LEGACY Act introduced in Congress arises out of such experiences, and would give real support to grandparents raising their grandchildren."
-- John Rother, Director of Policy and Strategy, AARP

"At AAHSA, we are keenly aware of the wide range of housing needs of older people around the country. The LEGACY film helps members of Congress and the public to learn about the unique housing needs of grandparents raising children and legislation to help these families."
-- Larry Minnix, President, American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging.

"Grandparents and other relatives have helped prevent millions of children from entering the foster care system, but they need our support to continue their efforts to keep families together. Films like LEGACY help to educate Americans about the need for legislation to support the work of these dedicated caregivers."
-- Shay Bilchik, President/CEO, Child Welfare League of America

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