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Astrobiology | Europa | Mars | SETI | Terraforming | UFOs | General Astronomy

NASA: Astrobiology
Get a broad overview of NASA's involvement in the study and search for life in our universe.

NASA Astrobiology Roadmap
The product of more than 150 scientists and technologists, this roadmap attempts to address how life began and where we should focus our search.

Astrobiology Now
This encyclopedic resource offers astrobiology definitions, background info, links to related articles, and more.

Join in the effort to design a Europa ocean probe. The Europa Ocean Explorer project at the Icepick site hosts a lively discussion of how to drill beneath Europa's ice-covered surface.

The Europa Ocean Explorer. Hydrobot Design Issues
Visit this page for a summary of hydrobot design issues related to Icepick's Europa Ocean Explorer project.

Galileo Journey to Jupiter
Follow the progress of the Galileo project at this NASA site. See where the spacecraft is now, and learn more about Europa and its neighboring moons.

Mars Academy
Join this community of students and space aficionados who are working together to plan a manned mission to Mars. The academy's online "courses" are free, and dedicated participants can earn a "Mars Expert" degree.

The Mars Society
This activist group aims to improve general awareness of the Red Planet, as well as encourage government and private funding for Mars exploration and pioneering. In addition to membership information, the site offers research news and bulletin boards.

SETI Institute Online
Learn more about the SETI Institute at their official site. Read about the SETI Institute's history, mission, and current research projects.

Help in the search for audible signs of extraterrestrial intelligence using your own computer. Project SERENDIP offers free downloadable software and instructions.

The Planetary Society
Find news and live data on current searches for unique radio and light transmissions that might lead us to extraterrestrial life.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at U.C. Berkeley
See what SETI projects are under way at the University of California, Berkeley.

Harvard SETI Home Page
Learn more about Harvard's SETI projects.

SETI League SETI League
This site is home to the SETI League, an international grass-roots organization dedicated to privatizing the electromagnetic search for intelligent alien life.

The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory
Learn about the optical search for extraterrestrial intelligence, known as OSETI.

Astrobiology Now: Terraforming and Ecogenesis.
Endorsed by the National Space Society, this page aggregates online terraforming resources. Find everything from academic articles to borderline science fiction.

Mars Academy: Living on Mars
Mentioned earlier in this site list, the Mars Academy explores the idea of terraforming Mars and establishing a permanent community there.

Earth & Sky: Terraforming
Read the transcript of this science radio series discussion on re-engineering planets.

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
More succinctly known as CSICOP, this committee encourages the critical investigation of the paranormal and fringe-science claims.

The Skeptical Inquirer
Published by the CSICOP, this print publication also offers a few published articles online. Articles are archived since 1996.

NOVA: Kidnapped by UFOs
Hear what UFO skeptics and believers say about alleged alien visitors, in this PBS documentary companion site.

General Astronomy
The acronym stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration, but most know it as NASA. Here, you'll find everything related to U.S. space exploration including history, launch schedules, research news, and links to other NASA sites.

Astronomy Magazine
Read news and astronomy articles online.

Sky and Telescope Magazine
Find information on sky events and the technologies behind viewing them.

Complete with space and exploration news, this magazine is solely online.

General Astronomy at PBS Online
NOVA: Hunt for Alien Worlds
Learn more about the search for new planets... and perhaps new life forms.

Voyage to the Milky Way
Long-distance space flight is no longer a subject for science fiction. Learn how today's visionaries are putting science and cents to work.

Scientific American Frontiers: From Mir to Mars
View an archived Web cast with NASA Astronaut Andy Thomas on space station Mir.

Mysteries of Deep Space
Celebrate the achievements of modern astronomy and probe the limits of future exploration.

John Glenn, American Hero
Relive John Glenn's recent historic mission into space.
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