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The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

The IAM High Performance Work Organization Partnerships Department
9000 Machinists Place
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772-2687

Department staff assist members and their employers to build High Performance Work Organization partnerships: They publish their own ten step process toward an HPWO partnership
as well as an examination of key components of an HPWO partnership. http://www.iamaw.org/departments/hpwo/hpwo4.htm

The U.S. Department of Labor writes:
"Over the past decade, American companies have begun tapping worker teams for new ideas, processes, and products. The results have sometimes startled even the most optimistic team builders. General Mills reports productivity in plants using self-managed teams is as much as 40 percent higher than at its traditional factories. Eli Lilly used the team approach to create the fastest medical product rollout in their history. Motorola implemented the team concept and realized an improvement in quality, with a 50 percent reduction in rejects and 70 percent reduction in late deliveries."

Working Together for Public Service Task Force Report examining labor-management cooperation in state and local governments. Examples from state, county and city governments, schools, transit and other special services lead to unanimous findings.
Executive Summary: http://www.dol.gov/dol/_sec/public/media/reports/worktogether/execsum.htm
Table of Contents: http://www.dol.gov/dol/_sec/public/media/reports/worktogether/toc.htm

Snapshots of Success from Across the Country:
Find example of various public workplaces , from school house to fire house, where state and local governments are forming cooperative workplace partnerships. "Snapshots" provide great detail on the atmosphere and overall elements of specific programs, while other locations are mentioned briefly in connection with a particular ingredient, technique or issue from the report. http://www.dol.gov/dol/_sec/public/media/reports/worktogether/chap1new.htm

The National Labor Management Association
The National Labor Management Association (NLMA) is a national membership organization devoted to helping management and labor work together for constructive change. The site houses real world case studies, guides and training on labor-management cooperation, including an article, High Performance: What Does It Really Mean?

National Labor Management Association
P.O. Box 819
Jamestown, New York 14702-0819
e-mail: nlma@nlma.org
phone: 800-967-2687 Fax: 716-665-8060

Institute of Industrial Relations, University of California at Berkeley
Find the following studies online:
"Obstacles to Ownership Transformation"
"Strategic Implications"
"Implications for High-Performance Organizational Transformation"
"Impact on Employees"

Below is a list of some of workplaces with whom the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers are currently in the process of implementing an HPWO Partnership.

IAM Local Lodge 75 and Harley-Davidson York, PA
IAM Local Lodge 176 and Harley-Davidson Kansas City, MO
IAM Local Lodge 78 and Harley-Davidson Milwaukee, WI
IAM Local Lodge 834 and The Boeing Company Wichita, KS
IAM District LodgeW-15 and Weyerhaeuser(Mid-Siuth) Memphis, TN
IAM Local Lodge 2410 and Grote Industries Madison, IN
IAM Local Lodge 2518 and Dresser Industries Alexandria, LA
IAM Local Lodge 260 and Gerber Baby Food Ft. Smith, AR
IAM Local Lodge 2269 and Gerber Products Company Reedsburg, WI
IAM Local Lodge 1720 and International Specialty Products Calvert city, KY
IAM Local Lodge 61 and Diesel Recon(Cummins) Memphis, TN
Local Lodge W-484 and Potlatch Corporation Bradley, AR
IAM District Lodge 140 and Air Canada - Montreal, Toronto, Winnepeg
IAM Local Lodge 47 and Alcoa Packaging Machinery Denver, CO
IAM Local Lodge 2379 and Intalco(Alcoa) Bellingham, WA
Local Lodge 653 and the Vendo Company Fresno, CA
IAM Local Lodge 609 and US Repeating Arms New Haven, CT
Provided Courtesy of the IAM

For more information on these organizations contact:
Don Kennedy, The IAM High Performance Work Organization Partnerships Dept.
The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers http://www.iamaw.org/departments/hpwo/introhpwo.htm
9000 Machinists Place
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772-2687
Phone: (301) 967-4500

To find out more about PACE,
the other union in the Harley-Davidson High Performance Workplace partnership equation
visit: http://www.paceunion.org/
Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical, and Energy Workers Int'l Union
PO Box 1475 Nashville, TN 37202
Phone: 615-834-8590 Fax: 615-834-7741

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