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Who Works the Night Shift?
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Night Shift Diary
Rhian Miller, producer

March 15, 2000-Allentown, Pennsylvania

Booking a hotel for a night shift shoot was just the first clue to how out of sync we were with the general trends of day shift. Consider that check-out time at most hotels is 12 noon. Well, after shooting all night, or working all night, as the case may be, that's just about the time that we were getting to sleep. So we ended up paying for two nights just to get one "night's" sleep in.

January 30, 2000-Westwood, Massachusetts

Because night shifts straddle two days, just talking about the shoot schedule was very confusing. "Okay, we're going to travel Tuesday and shoot Wednesday." "You mean, we shoot Tuesday night, which is Wednesday morning, or are we resting on Tuesday and then shooting Wednesday night and Thursday morning?" "And then, are we going to go to the hotel and sleep after the shoot or should we just drag ourselves to the airport and sleep on the way back?" Say what?

But we did save money on meals, because goodness knows, there certainly isn't enough time to eat and sleep on this schedule.

January 31, 2000-Burlington, Massachusetts

Thought for the night:
The true meaning of sleep deprivation is when neither you, nor the person you are interviewing, can remember who spoke last.

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