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Who Works the Night Shift?
Surviving the Night
Talk About It

We've all done it under our desks. Or at least thought about doing it in the bathroom stall. But find out who gets shut-eye on the job with the boss's approval.


Adults are supposed to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. But if you're a shift worker, chances are you are only getting six and a half hours a night. What are the consequences of this sleep deprivation?

Are you part of the 45% of Americans who say they will sleep less in order to accomplish more? Are you one of the 41% of shift workers who report dozing off while driving? Visit this feature to find out how you compare with the rest of the tired, working Americans.


The sun is up and you're hitting the sack after a hard night's work. Here are some tips from the National Sleep Foundation that will help night shifters get a good day's rest.

Take Will Durst's zany sleep test to find out if you are a good candidate to suck down coffee in vast amounts and work the night shift.


What can we say? You just have to check the Naphole out for yourself.

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