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Shift Work Solutions

This information and resource site on shift work is hosted by Shiftwork Solutions, a consulting firm. Most of the information relates to understanding and implementing different shift schedules.

Shift Work Solutions: Tips on Managing Night Shift employees

This page on the shift-work.com site relates some of the needs and wants of shift workers that management ought to consider when implementing schedules.

Shift Work Solutions: Bulletin

This bulletin on the shift-work.com site offers information on important topics of shift work like communication, pay policies, and shift lengths.

Circadian Technologies Inc.

This information and resource site on around-the-clock business operations is hosted by Circadian Technologies, Inc., a consulting firm. The main focus on this site are alertness, performance, health & safety in 24-hour operations. Great tools and information for anyone interested in understanding, or getting through, the rigors of shift work.

Circadian Technologies: Working Nights

The Working nights section of the Circadian.com site is devoted to those who work at night. Featured articles, study findings, and tips on making night shift work liveable make this site a fine resource for anyone wishing to better understand the world of nocturnal labor.

Circadian Technologies: Circadian Learning Center

On this site there are excellent tutorials on a range of sleep and shift work issues, including alertness and fatigue, the health effects of shiftwork, staying awake at the wheel, and shiftworker family and social life.

Plain Language about Shiftwork

Visit this Web site to obtain a free copy of "Plain Language about Shiftwork" produced by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The publication suggests a wide range of strategies that employers and workers can adopt to ease the burdens associated with shift work.

Parenting and Shift Work: Message Board

Keeping parenting the priority and managing your job as a shift-worker can be very chanllenging. This message posting board is a great resource for shift workers with families. Exchange ideas, questions, and answers about making it all work for your family and career.

Women in Weather: Frequently Asked Questions about Shifts

Although this discussion group is intended for women meteorologists, other women who do shift work will find the topics useful and interesting. Shift work subjects discussed by women include family life, children, pregnancy, and breast feeding. This site is hosted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Night Shift Initiative

Internet marketing firm Voron hosts the Night Shift Initiative Web site, which serves the health, happiness, lifestyle, and work performance needs of the global shiftwork community. There is a wealth of articles about night shift work and a bulletin dedicated to night shift issues.

NSI's Shift Work Community Forum

Want to talk "shop" 24-7 style? This forum Includes a chat room and message boards. Chat it up with other night shift workers or root around for some real dirt about the all-night life. All from the people who know best, real night shift worker!

Research on Night Duty Tolerance and Personality

"The relationship between night duty tolerance and personality" (1996) is a research article published on the British weekly journal Nursing Online Standard. The researchers studied 46 nurses and found evidence that "supports the premise that any decision whether or not to work night shifts should be left to the individual."

Getting Work Done...On the Night Shift

This page by the Office of Rehabilitation and Disability Services at Michigan State University focuses on making life work when you work all night. This page has some very helpful hints and how-to's.


National Sleep Foundation

This is the pre-eminent Web site on sleep. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to improving public health and safety by achieving public understanding of sleep and sleep disorders, and by supporting public education, sleep-related research, and advocacy. Read the NSF's publications and Sleep in America Poll and find sleep services and resources and links.

NSF: Sleep Strategies for Shift Workers

This is an excellent resource for shift workers that covers such topics as tips for getting successful shut-eye, balancing life and work, sleeping pills, and the ride home.


One of Sleepnet.com's goals is to list all the sleep information located on the Internet. There are links to sites about sleep disorders, sleep deprivation, sleep labs, dreams, suppport groups, and news sites. Sleepnet also contains information on sleep and sleep disorders, a "sleepmall," and a comunity area where visitors can post questions and answers.

The World Nap Organization

The World Nap Organization (WNO) is the nap lobby --an unabashed special interest group devoted to battling negative images of the blissful practice of nap taking.

The Napping Company

This commercial site is dedicated to napping and has book sales, napping products, etc.
The Napping Vocabulary Quiz is humorous pro-nap propaganda worth checking out.

Coffee and Caffeine

In addition to frequently asked questions about caffeine and coffee, this site contains some interesting information on the chemistry of caffeine and related products. A great site for insomniacs and buzzed-out cubicle dwellers.

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