Durst: Silver Lining? - A Look at the Bright Side of the Endless Workday

Find the Bright Side: The Workday that Wouldn’t Die Edition

You know what I get tired of? Yes, that creepy little Pepsi girl. But also, people constantly whining about how hard they work and how they never have time for any of the special things in life. Yeah, right, like the rest of us do. C’mon, we all know the rules going in. You want money, prestige and power, you give up family, emotions and most of your life. That’s the deal. But what about the inadvertent perks, the accidental refuges, the fortuitous providences included in our jobs that we take for granted? Now its time to see what kind of lemonade we’ve been making from our lemon jobs.

Finding the Bright Side of The Workday That Wouldn’t Die 

• You don’t get frustrated searching for a parking spot. Anymore. You are quite aware there aren’t any.

• Even when someone orders out for lunch from a new place, you know the number of the only item on the menu you can eat and its cost including tax and tip, and can estimate to within 3 minutes how long before the food gets to your desk depending on the day and who is walking it back up. . .plus or minus the weather.

• Shortcuts to work are shortcuts forever.

• The boss’s brother who still lives with his parents never has to "bring you up to speed."

• There are no reruns. Everything on TV is first run to you.

• No matter how bad your job is, for a long stretch in the middle of your day, you are not on public transportation.

• You don’t have to roll your eyes anymore, even from behind, the boss can tell by the way your shoulders move how you really feel.

• You are not fooled by the "going out of business sale" sign on the Ye Olde Wig Shoppe.

• You control the destiny of all new interns by either warning them to avoid elevator number three or not.

• You not only know the identity of the author of the "Mad Post-Its" that appear on people’s desks before work, but know enough of what he does with them to only handle them with gloves and tongs.


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