It was tempting to call this section Will Durst unplugged. But, as many of you know, Mr Durst, our host and a noted comedian and political satirist, is almost always unplugged.

This month, Will has promised to keep Livelyhood fans updated about what's on his mind with weekly video diary entries. So stay tuned.

Lunch Break at Ohare
Why I Hate Cell Phones
Workday in a Coal Mine
Why I Hate Summer

Durst Essays
Sure, Will loves putting his nose up to the camera. But Will Durst knows that the pen is just as mighty as cheap video tape. Below, check out his assorted antidotes to endless work days.

Durst's Hints
Durst's Workaholic Quiz
Durst's History Lesson
Durst Silver Lining

Need a day off?
Will Durst offers up some highly unusual and, well, inflammatory excuses.

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