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Jordan Community Elementary School
Chicago, Illinois

Social workers with students at Jordan Community School.

Social workers with students at Jordan Community School.

The Jordan Community School is located in Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois. The school opened in 1993, in order to ease overcrowding in other local public elementary schools. Rogers Park has historically been a high crime area, and in the school’s early days the surrounding community struggled with racial tensions and gang violence.

Jordan Community School has 623 students, about half of which are Hispanic and half African-American, and contains grades pre-K through eighth. Almost all of the kids (97%) live in poverty, qualifying for the free and reduced lunch program.

When Principal Maurice Harvey first opened the school, poverty and violence seemed to go hand-in-hand. He knew he would need something to help him manage the school effectively, and he turned to the Comer Process. This reform program helped Harvey, and the teachers, change the culture and climate of the school, and work more effectively with parents.

Now attendance is at 95%, and approximately half the students are performing at or above grade level in reading and math, up from 12% in reading and 19% in math. The kids feel safe, and cared for, with much improved behavior and a warm climate at the school. Even parents have felt the impact. Rhonda Jones, a parent, credits Comer's program from turning her life around. A former drug addict, she became actively involved in the school while her children attended. The school recently won a Chicago Public Schools “School of Distinction” award.

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